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My new best friend Andrei
I have a very tough job. I do not work in a mine or something like that, but it is a position that holds innumerable responsibilities, including the livelihoods of hundreds, if not thousands of people who work under me. I work pretty much 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. I also have a family that I see in passing; I think I have three children at the moment, one girl and two boys. My wife used to be hot when I married her, but I haven't seen her in three months and she could have grown an arm out of the side of the head, I probably would have missed it. I am telling you all of this because you need to understand why I go on a one-week vacation every year, all alone.
I take no one. I do not take my wife. I definitely do not take the kids. I do not take my phone or my computer. As far as everyone I know is concerned, I do not exist for those 7 days. And I always make it my business to go somewhere where it is highly unlikely I will meet any Americans. I do not wish to hear our accents and I do not want to feel like I am on the same planet as the people I interact with during the other 358 days of the year. Last year, for example, I went to Croatia, this small country somewhere in the Mediterranean, a great little country with great seaside and with amazing food. But all of the tourist stuff does not matter. What matters is that my life changed while there. But I am getting ahead of myself…
I got to this little place where I was staying early in the morning. The sun was only coming out and I decided to take a walk down the beach before anyone gets up and comes to the beach. I was tired as hell and I lit up a smoke as I was walking down the beach. There was no one there. Literally no one. A few seagulls and that was that. And then I saw a figure in the distance, coming towards me. A jogger. As he was getting closer to me, I can swear to you that I could see the world in slo-mo. As he was running past me, I could see his ripped body perfectly under his sweaty clothes. I could smell him, I could feel his heat. And then he passed me and I forgot it by the time I got to the hotel.
The next day, I went swimming early in the morning and at the precisely the same time, he came running past. I watched him again and I realized that he was watching me. Now, for a guy who has never had any gay experiences in his life, I was a bit confused that I was checking out this guy, this blonde ripped hunk that was running all sweaty past me every morning. I did not know what to think. I mean, I was not afraid or anything like that, I am not an asshole. But it was confusing, that is for sure.
The next morning, as I was taking my morning swim, my new friend did not come running. He came by boat and just showed me with a gesture that he wants me to come into the boat with him. I did it. I do not know why, but I did it. He told me his name was Andrei in the most beautiful Russian accent English I had ever heard and I told him my name. I asked him where we were going and he told me that I would see.
When we got there, I realized that it was this small, totally secluded beach where no one has set their foot in decades and where no one could possibly wander to. We disembarked and as we got to the beach, Andrei undressed and stood there before me, totally naked, with little beads of sweat running down his chest and with his fat dick hanging down. You can only imagine what happened that day and I can tell you that this, my first experience, was something that I never dreamt would happen, let alone with a total stranger, a Russian guy even. It was the best day of my life. And that is him. That is my Andrei.

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